Fishelton Brand Story

Fishelton Brand Story

I think I should give you the title of advisory member of the Council of Agriculture!


Taiwan is surrounded by the ocean on all sides, and the flat sea area of ​​the continental shelf is vast. There are many bottom-dwelling fishes living here and thriving endlessly. Therefore, it has an excellent natural environment for the development of fisheries. In 2001, when Taiwan was entering the WTO, the Taiwan Agriculture and Fisheries Association faced strong pressure from foreign markets. I don’t know where to go and when I am hesitant. By chance, Qiu Yanghao, who had just been transferred from the Yunlin County Education Bureau to the Cultural Bureau at the time, met Professor Hong Jing who worked at National Taiwan University. Due to the arrangement of the gods, each other had a profound vision and vision for Taiwan’s agriculture. The long-term vision is how to help agriculture and fisheries break through difficulties and resolve difficulties. Director Qiu Yanghao resolutely decided to retire to work with farmers and fishermen, thus opening a new page in Taiwan fish collagen peptides.

[Songji Biotechnology] Combining a group of farmers with innovative ideas, with the resources and wisdom of industry, government, and learning, after more than three years of hard work, we finally developed a world-leading, most needed human body, and can be directly absorbed and utilized. Fish Collagen Peptide], which is different from the current collagen products on the market. At this stage, it is the only three-stranded peptide that can be used to analyze the molecular weight distribution of technology. (Collagen peptide) Its molecular weight averages about 1,000 Da, which is the most suitable for human body. The purity is up to 99.9% (dehydration), and its physical properties are changed to be soluble in water, not afraid of acid, not afraid of heat and easy to absorb, and can quickly synthesize the end product with good effect.

Songji Biotechnology currently applies the key raw materials of collagen peptides to foods (providing the most important collagen peptides for body tissues and directly absorbed, which is a major innovation in the field of human nutrition.), skin care products (breaking through the skin) The bottleneck of direct absorption is caused by high homogeneity of the skin and no allergies.), the future development can be used in health food and functional skin care products, hoping to bring a healthy and youthful appearance to mankind.

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