Quality & Compliance

EHS | Waste Treatment

We strictly follow the environmental/health/safety regulations and science park regulations to ensure that products are manufactured without environmental/health/safety concerns.

Occupational safety, health and environmental policy
The company undertakes to continuously improve and comply with the regulations issued by the central competent authority, effectively monitor the hazard characteristics of various hazard factors in the labor working environment, and prevent the occurrence of occupational injuries.
Achieve the vision of co-existence with the environment, and continuously develop various waste or hazardous material reduction or reuse measures.

Waste treatment
Our company has set up sewage treatment equipment, biological decomposing wastewater is treated by the activated sludge system, the generated organic sludge is separated and filtered, and the qualified manufacturer is entrusted to treat, and the treated wastewater and domestic sewage are sent to the science park sewage treatment plant through the pipeline for final treatment.
Hazardous or general solid waste is entrusted to the science park resource regeneration center or qualified treatment manufacturers for treatment.
All air pollutants discharged from the plant are removed through two scrubbers, whose sewage is treated by the plant’s sewage treatment equipment.

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