About SongJi-ProChem


Job Title Name Education & Experience
Chairman WU-CHI CHIU National Chia-Yi Senior commercial Vocational School
New Taipei Tainan township care Association / President
New Taipei City Government / Municipal Consultant
International Rotary Club3490 / District Assistant Officer、Shulin Association 4th President
Supervisor CHU-HUI KUO Tien-Jen High School
Taiwan Business Bank / Office Clerk
Tainan Folk Care Promotion Association / Public Relations Leader
Special Assistant of Chairman YANG-HAO CHIU National Kaohsiung Normal University, Chemistry
National Taiwan Normal University, Master of Educational Research
Shinhui Teclogoghy Co.、Jia Haw Biotec Ltd. / General Manager
Yunlin County Education Bureau, Cultural Bureau / Director
Taiwan Provincial Education Department chief, commissioner, inspection of the provincial school inspector
Taiwan Rotary Clubs Association / President
Special Assistant of Chairman LING-YUNG WANG National Chiao Tung University / PHD, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering
AU Optronics Corp. / Senior Engineer of TD/BP
Foxconn Electronics Inc. / Technical Project Manager
Beauty Department Manager YU-NING WU Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science Department of Applied Chemistry
KOSE Beauty Advisor
Tainan Child Care Association / Managing Supervisor
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