About SongJi-ProChem

Company Profile

ProChem’s headquarter is located in Tainan Science Park, Taiwan, engaged in the R&D, production and marketing of API, with Huan-Dong factory and Bay factory under its jurisdiction. ProChem is one of the few professional pharmaceutical company in Taiwan capable of producing sterile APIs with quality meets the international pharmacopoeia specifications. In 2016, it passed the TFDA inspection and obtained PIC/S GMP certificate.

With years of experience in organic synthesis and chemical engineering, we have built an excellent R&D team. In addition to producing carbapenem APIs, we have successfully developed anticoagulants, gastrointestinal drugs, and anticancer drugs of prostate cancer, lung cancer and kidney cancer. ProChem has a high-end production environment, with dedicated facilities for anti-cancer drugs, CDMO production, antibiotics and general APIs. The production design planning and plant design are of high expansibility, which can produce a variety of fish scale collagen peptides’ products at the same time without cross contamination, effectively reducing risks.

ProChem have mastered key technologies such as design of synthetic route, batch size enlargement, crystallized purification, powder drying and sterile processing. We have also made technology transfer with new drug development companies, so as to shorten item developing period and improve R&D capabilities. It is expected that the development of diversified products and product internationalization will be the goal, so that Taiwan’s API manufacturing industry can have a role to play in the international market.

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