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Fisheltön  – The world’s leading fish collagen peptide brand 


[SongJi Biotechnology] Combining a group of farmers with innovative ideas, with the resources and wisdom of industry, government, and learning, after more than three years of hard work, finally developed a world-leading, most needed for the human body, and can be directly absorbed and utilized. Fish Collagen Peptide], which is different from the current collagen products on the market. At this stage, it is the only three-stranded peptide that can be used to analyze the molecular weight distribution of science and technology. (Collagen peptide) Its molecular weight averages about 1,000 Da, which is the most suitable for human body. The purity is up to 99.9% (dehydration), and its physical properties are changed to be soluble in water, not afraid of acid, not afraid of heat and easy to absorb, and can quickly synthesize the end product with good effect.

Fisheltön Skincare Products Series

Milkfish scale extract, The highest purity collagen peptide in the world

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